Personalised Medicine for Neurological Conditions

Treatment recommendations tailored to the individual

Imagine a world in which you find the right treatment quickly, minimising side effects and avoiding a lengthy trial and error process.

This is exactly our mission: We deliver digitally and genomically-driven medical devices to improve the current treatment of migraine and other neurological disorders, including a diagnostic support tool, pharmacogenetic test, and a mobile app for migraine event prediction.

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World leading expertise and clinical network

We work side by side with patients and leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, personalised medicine, genomics and artificial intelligence to deliver real-world solutions to help patients manage their neurological conditions. With the help of our clinical partners and constant feedback from patients, we iterate through our algorithms and design to ensure the largest benefit to our patients.

Learning from the real world

Our solutions are based on genetics and data collected in real-time from thousands of individuals with neurological conditions.

Our strengths

We understand that everyday life is hectic and leaves little time to think about managing treatment optimally. Our solutions allow you to focus on your daily life, while we optimise your preventive treatment and relief management for you.


Manage your preventive treatment and relief strategies effortlessly in one simple app on your phone.


Receive treatment management alerts tailored to you and your physiology exactly in time, to maximise your treatment’s effectiveness.


Preventive, acute treatment and relief management are highly individual. We find the best strategy for you.


We take your data seriously. Our technology uses state-of-the-art cyber security protocols and we never share your data with anyone without your explicit consent.

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